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Our fully licensed and highly skilled commercial electricians are qualified to install a wide range of communications cabling and fibre optic cabling. All of our work is carried out in a reliable, professional and friendly manner with minimal disturbance to your business.

Commercial Electrician Installations

All businesses must comply with state and federal regulations for powered installations. As one of Melbourne’s leading commercial electricians, Fymtech Solutions can help you get and maintain compliance through a number of services including:

Installing correctly designed and energy efficient office lighting solutions

Testing and tagging, ensuring all your office appliances operate without fault

Installing mains connected smoke alarms

Installing residual current devices (RCDs)

Maintaining exit and emergency lighting

Installing surge protection and safety devices for protecting sensitive equipment

Light and power (upgrades, maintenance, installations)

Fibre optic installation and data centre communications cabling

Commercial services with an team of experienced professionals

Fymtech Solutions have worked on a variety of electrical jobs for an assortment of businesses over the years. We offer hassle-free services across Melbourne & regional Victoria. Whether you need a complete business relocation, new building construction, electrical re-wiring, cable fitting or service maintenance and repair.  We will offer services perfectly suited to provide your business with a complete solution at a fair, affordable price.

Our commercial electrician experts are fully qualified with years of experience and we pride ourselves on our flexibility and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Take advantage of our 24-hour emergency service to deal with any electrical faults that can strike at the most inconvenient times



We take care of your commercial premises, regarding electrical issues that crop up so that you can concentrate your energies and resources on your business rather than fixing the electrical breakdown. We provide qualified electricians at your disposal, ensuring 100% guaranteed same-day service for a wide array of electrical products and systems. You can seek our assistance for the following jobs.

Energy Efficient Light Installation
Our commercial electrical contractors possess profound knowledge of lighting fixtures;  thereby, offering advice on choosing the best product for the application. Besides installation of lighting modules, our commercial electricians are well-versed in carrying out repair, replacement and maintenance of the same.

High End Presentation & Entertainment Solutions

If you are planning to set up a large LCD or high-quality home theatre system with speakers in every corner of the arena, you can trust us to carry out such jobs. We install entertainment equipment just the way you want, regardless of size, make or model of the given equipment.

Surge Protection

If you are running a business, it is likely for you to have expensive appliances and equipment installed in your premises. However, these appliances, too, are prone to damage due to abrupt spike in electric supply. Therefore, in order to minimize the risk of failure, we provide surge protection to all your commercial appliances, whether electrical or electronic.

Emergency Exit and Sign Board Lighting

Our commercial electrical contractors can provide fault, repair and installation assistance, for emergency exit and sign board lighting. We install the most appropriate light-module inside the sign board so as to maintain a balance between luminosity and power consumption.

Industrial Electrical Services

We cater for industrial electrical services at highly competitive prices, with an assurance of 100% client-satisfaction. It takes far-fetched skills and years of experience to deal with intricate industrial electrical systems;  we have professionals who have been working on industrial electrical equipment and systems for years.

Apart from being skilled, experienced and licensed to perform commercial electrical jobs, our team of electricians is clean, professional and exhibits friendly behavior- not to mention adding humor to the job! We carry a positive attitude and a strong will to match the quality standards whilst minimizing unnecessary hassle. Our commercial electrician services come at prices that are absolutely competitive to the market.


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